Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung belly binding is the practice of tightly wrapping the body, from the hips up to the ribs, with a long piece of fabric to support the abdomen right after birth.

Diastasis Recti-The bengkung style of binding is known to help heal diastasis recti with the constant supportive pressure on the abdominal area.

Spine and Posture Realignment-During pregnancy, the posture is affected as the baby grows. The shifting of the woman's center of gravity and spine can cause aches, pains and weakness. Binding helps put things back in place and help prevent "nursing slouch".

Pelvic Floor Support-The hormone relaxin causes ligaments to stretch, which loosens the pelvic floor structure. After birth, the pelvic floor can remain loose and unstable for up to five months. Binding supports the pelvic floor returning to its pre-pregnancy state.

Back Support-The longer, holistic design of the wrap, binding supports a mom's back and relieves back pain associated with the immediate postpartum period.

Benefits of Binding

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Wrapping the belly is an effective and important part of a mom's recovery that helps the body recover in less time. A belly wrap provides the postpartum body with 360 degrees of support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position. During pregnancy, a woman's body retains water, fat, and air which cause her body to swell and expand, including the organs in the womb area. The purpose of a post-pregnancy wrap is to speed up the healing process with constant pressure. Steady pressured support on the hips allows the body to "close" more easily than if just left in its expanded state.

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For Best Results

I can begin binding you as soon as you'd like after birth, ideally around day 5 for a vaginal birth. C-section moms should wait 6 weeks until your incision is healed before being wrapped. Continue to wear it each day for at least 40 days. You can wear it longer if you are not satisfied with your healing. The wrap should be on for 10-12 hours a day in the beginning if possible.

By Valerie Lynn, Author of The Mommy Plan

Belly Binding Package

Belly Binding Wrap Kit

Protective underpiece to cover the skin to protect from pinching and cover the paste to keep it from getting on your clothes. Also comes with the long piece of cotton fabric for the bind

Herbal Belly Firming Paste

Used in combination with the belly binding. Firming paste is applied to the tummy area and covered with the underpiece before the belly is wrapped. The firming paste is made with nutmeg, cinnamon,tumeric, clove, ginger, cardamom, and cumin.


The benefits of using the paste is that when it is appied to the skin, the body will use it in a manner that stimulates blood flow thus having a positive effect on the body's circulation and metabolism. This nourishes and revitalizes the skin and major organs removing toxins from the bod by assisting the lymphatic system for the elimination of wastes throughout the body.

In Home Application

I come to you and wrap you in your home and provide instructions on how to continue to wrap yourself. Additional wrap sessions are available.

Fee for Services

The belly binding wrap, firming paste, and in-home service is $150. Additional wrap sessions are $50 each. Discounted services are available for those that provide their own wrap kit.

Photo Credit: Tomorrow's Memories Photography